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Folio Fine Art Albums by North East wedding photographer Phil Nunez

The year is 2025, it’s a rainy day in October and you’re stuck indoors with your very inquisitive five and seven year old children.

“Mummy – Daddy, what was your wedding like?” asks your youngest..

So what do you do? You reach to the book shelf, you take your wedding album from its sleeve, you sit down on the sofa with the entire family and through words and pictures you recount that beautiful day.

Your wedding album has the power to tell your story like no floppy disk, CD, USB or any other format ever could. Let’s face it, books have been around since at least the thirteenth century, and the likelihood is, they’ll be around for a whole lot more.

I’ve searched the world to source you albums from arguably one of the finest album makers out there. I supply both matted and fine art albums in a range of different sizes, colours and options. I put the same time and dedication into designing your story book as I did when I captured your photographs in camera. So, what’s it going to be? Floppy disc or storybook – The choice is all yours.