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A little about photography and me..

Here's the bit where tell you I picked up my first brownie camera aged 6 months, developed this overnight passion for photography and went to university and gained a degree, bagged a boat load of awards and world domination followed, obviously.


Well that's simply not true.


I've been into taking photographs like the average person for as long as I can remember. In 2008 I left my long term career and with a little bit of money that I had, I bought my first serious camera, a Canon 5D MK2. Inspired by my uncle Jim, whose landscape and wildlife images still inspire me today, I started shooting landscapes and being super keen I was motivated enough to get some early morning/late evening images . It was these times that I began to appreciate light.


Some friends would ask if I'd consider shooting their weddings and I'd always politely decline, until this one time where I plucked up the courage. I was terrified, so nervous. I remember driving to the venue thinking I wanted the road to swallow me up. Strangely, as soon as I started taking photographs, I was in my happy place.



A little about HOW I SHOOT A WEDDING..

Cheese is for midnight toasties with a belly full of beer. I'm looking for real moments and not contrived or fake. With the exception of a small number of group shots and a few portraits (if you want them), I'm shooting real time.


I don't "set things up".


I'll arrive on time, dressed smartly and will be polite and professional at all times. I work alone, perfect for tight spaces, quiet environments and staying discreet at all times. I'm not shouty, bossy or a drama queen.


I keep my eye on the action at all times, always searching for the best light and most creative angles and through years of experience, I've developed a sixth sense for anticipating those moments between the moments, that you only get to see through your wedding images.


I shoot a very limited number of weddings each year and often get booked up 18 months in advance. I don't outsource anything, from your photography throughout the day, to the editing, the album design and anything else in between, it's all done by me. I work on a strict but fair rule of first come first served. A £400 booking fee secures your date.


EST. 2009

North East Wedding Photographer

why me?


north east wedding photographer offering unposed and off the cuff storytelling photography with emotional impact that's where i'm at. // uneasy in front of camera, no problem, i got your back // can't promise i won't say "work it baby" on the odd occasion, it's a great ice breaker//

bye for now, maybe speak soon.


much love - phil x





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