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this is a little awkward so here goes..

I'm not great with words, and especially so having to write about myself, so bare with me.


I love coffee. I love coffee to the point that I experiment with water temperature, grind size, tamp pressures , cup size, milk, roast date, the works. Emma thinks I'm a geek, and that none of this matters to the final taste but it gives me enormous pleasure all the same. A coffee along with a pint of water every morning and I'm good to go.


I love Spotify. I have the most diverse taste in music that sometimes I'll listen to something deep down in my Playlist and think WTF?


Bikes, I love bikes. I own 3 of them, 2 mountain bikes and a gravel bike. I ride bikes, talk about bikes, read about bikes and watch other people ride bikes. Cycling keeps me fit, keeps me healthy, keeps me sane.


I love bikes.


Pippa. In 2018 we bought Pippa, our VW Campervan. We love her dearly and wish we'd bought her sooner. She has added so much to our general well being and health and myself, my wife and our children love spending time with her. As they say in the movie "UP", adventure is out there.


My wife Emma. My best friend and my rock. She has taught me so much about life and has made me a better person. She's beautiful, intelligent and a lot of fun, and I'm lucky to call her my wife.


Our girls. Heidi aged eleven, Eva aged ten. Beautiful, bouncy, healthy girls who are our world. They test us to the max every day, make us immensely proud every day, and everything in between, every day!


If you've made it this far, go you.









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North East Wedding Photographer

why me?


north east wedding photographer offering unposed and off the cuff storytelling photography with emotional impact that's where i'm at. // uneasy in front of camera, no problem, i got your back // can't promise i won't say "work it baby" on the odd occasion, it's a great ice breaker//

bye for now, maybe speak soon.


much love - phil x





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